We are CreoHubs a full digital service agency. We deliver innovative solutions.  Because our focus is on creating unique creative & digital solutions.

We develop intelligent web design. Above all, web design  can help business owners to grow their user base. and ultimately increase revenue. As experts in our UX/UI design. Our professional web design services come from years of experience and a proven track record of success. In fact, we are proud that a large amount of the work we do today comes from referrals from past clients who have experienced success with our services.



Simplicity has three major effects on web design. First, it improves the legibility of the design also can make text easier to read. Secondly, simple design gives the impression of luxury. Cause simple designs do not repeat themselves. And finally, it is easier to amend or update a simple design.


When we say elegant we also have on mind clean design. Web design, above all  is art.  The first at all everything in its place and a place for everything. Imagine how would you like it to be. We will take a plan, design, develop your idea and launch your modern Web site. Before we start a project, we sketch a lot of ideas and give you a thought. Above all, we will take you across the entire process.


Usability is a synonym  for functional and comfort  user experience. For the reason of that we care enough to make things available and accessible. It means how quickly and easy user can find what they are looking for. After all design is created to be  functional and friendly for users.


Creative team focused on modern design and cutting edge tehnology. Therefore the most effective solutions are those that have a simple design, with clean, elegant elements that don’t overwhelm the user. Finaly we create simple and impactful websites that present information in a comfortable and entertaining way for users. By keeping things simple, we help minimize issues related to browser incompatibility, usability flaws and design bugs.


Isidora Simic


Jelena Marković

CEO, @ CreoHubs


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